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National University Admission Release Slip Result 2015-16 |

National University Admission Release Slip Result 2015-16 | Many of the candidates are looking Release Slip application process of National University Admission 2015-16 will begin soon. Release Slip will be applicable for those candidates who have passed in the admission test but haven’t yet got subject/who have got the subject in the 1st or 2nd merit list but haven’t admitted/who have cancelled admission being after admitted. NU Admission Release Slip Result 2015-16 will be found here.

  • NU 2nd Release Slip Application Starts On: 
  • NU Release Slip Application End On:

National University Admission 2nd Release Slip Result 2015-16

National University Admission Release Slip Result 2015-16 will be published on 14 January, 2016. To apply for release  slip you will have to login with your roll and pin no. If you are eligible for release slip the click “Apply for Release Slip”. Here you will see free seat number list as well as your eligible subject list. You have access to choose the subject from maximum five colleges.

Check Online NU Release Slip Result 2015-16

National University Admission 2nd Release Slip Result 2015-16

National University Admission Release Slip Result 2015-16 will be published within a short time by

Bookmark this page on your PC/Laptop by pressing ctrl+D to get National University Release Slip Result easily & quickly.

Get NU Admission Release Slip Result 2015-16 Via Mobile SMS

NU<space>ATHN<space>Roll No And Send to 16222

Example: NU ATHN 5740957 And Send To 16222

This year total 5 lac and 17 thousand candidates appeared at the honours admission test across whole Bangladesh. A total 1,99,170 candidates achieved their position in the 1st merit list according to their merit. This year total 2,69,375 students will get opportunity to get admitted in different subjects of different colleges under National University.

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  1. 3rd merit result kobe debe,kivabe pabo?
    r releslep er jonno kivabe,kothela theke apply korbo?plz help me anyoe…

    1. Ki vaba ami Realise slip download korbo Please Infrom me if anybody know this.

        1. oi magi.vul link das kan ghara utcha???????????????????????

  2. When will start class?

  3. release slip ar jonno online aplay korta hoi kivaba.. comment plz

    1. help lagle bolen……ami relise slip filap kore dicci

      1. riliz ar result kobe dibe?

      2. vai ami 2nd merit list a chance paisi bt admit hoita pari nai so r kono rasta asa ,.,.jodi thaka ektu janan..,.,vai,..

        1. relis selip korte paro r kono r

      3. pleas vai ektu janan

      4. 1st merit hoini amar 2nd merit list er check korar jonn roll ache but pin kotai pabo

        1. right bolsan safa

        2. prothom pin diyei hobe

          jodi pin bole giye thako tahole niche likhe dilam

          GO TO>(aplicant’s log in ) then > forget pin > then> fillup blank box the right answer > then .surch …….>>>>>>> I HOPE YOU GOT YOUR PIN

      5. vai kothai ba ki vabe relise slip filap korsen bolben plz ? Mr. Rohan

        1. NU Release slip er jonno notice dibe kichudiner moddhe

      6. vi ami 3rd merit list a wating a asi ,,,,r a ty jodi change na pai tahole ki rilis silip nite parbo????? ta sara ami abar degree te apply korsi er jonno ki abar somossa hobe ni ,,,ami degree korte chai na

        1. Try to be a honest man,, u will fail in the exam

  4. Vai release slip er jonno online a form ta fill up korbo, tar system ta amake kew aktu dakhea help korle khov khusi hobo………..plz help me……

  5. Release slip er jonno apply korbo…………………kintu online to hang hoya acha………..plz online er sarvar station ta aro speed korte bolen na kew……..plz request………………..I m tired.

    1. vhai roll or pin……….nd ur choiceable districk nd subject bolen…ami kore diteci

  6. roll: 7742269

    sir amar ame kono vabe release slip pacce na ami aktu help koren naile amar onek khote hoye jabe.

    1. rat 3am to 6am try korlei paowa jabe .try your self

  7. sir amer release slip ta aktu baher koren ame taka ja lage debo plz help me nai le ame mara jabo.

    1. choose kora college r subject gulor name dao rate kora jabe thanks

  8. I didn’t get chance 2rd merite list.Can I aplay for release sliip?Please tell me.

  9. Don’t warry friends aplication for release slip has been time up till on 07/03/2015.

  10. amader ay porinitir jonno ay sorkar dayi. tai ay sorkar k tunda ficha maro sobai.

  11. DON!T FORGET ME??????????

  12. 99.9% complete korlam but submit option pacchi na. Please help any one

  13. last date kobe? kew janle amk ak2 janan plz.

  14. Plz konu vai ke aso ja anr slip ta neya deva?roll -7466382 pin -154131

    1. tomi english Subject paiso amake misty khao be na …amar phone namber ,,01746-893732 call me

  15. release sleep result kobe dibe?

  16. realies slip result koba diba sir????? please bolun sir,,?.

  17. Result kbe dibe ata jdi keu jano tbe plz aktu janio ai num e 01953740098

  18. plete korlam but submit option pacchi na. Please help any one

  19. Tomra dgree te vorte hoe jao..

    1. I am waiting for 3 rd merits list

  20. Realise slip ar result kokhon hobe? ?

    Nu ar jat ato kharap keno???

  21. kao janle pls aktu bolen…r kivabe dekbo?

  22. relese slip er result koba pabo?

  23. bai realise slip result kobe dibe

  24. plz karo jana thakle janao.

  25. Realies sleep kobe debe????

  26. Result ki hobe na??
    I aappealing for quickly result of realise slip to nu

  27. keu bolo result kondin diba ar ki vaba nuta hoba.plz……..

  28. Realise slip result will be published on 15 March 2015.
    Admission will start on 16 March and going on 25 March.
    By Md.Abu Sayed.

  29. apnara kew ki janen.kobe teke borti suru hobe.janle jana ben.k kun colege choce bolo.

  30. Release Slip a sure vorti hota chaila jogajok korta paro amar shstha

    1. tala babar morje hola sure change hobe

  31. Aj realis slip ar result. …….

  32. Result available at 4:00pm by sms.
    Type NU AT ROLL (3090077) and send to 16222

  33. aj results kobe dibe

  34. release slip r result ki arekta dibe? pls aktu janan

  35. Sir 3rd merit list ar release slip result koba diba .ami ki abar ralease slip bar korbo.kintu Sir Ami to 2 bar release slip bar kora falachi akhon Ami ki Akbar release slip bar korta parbo na r release slip bar korta hoba na sir please help me ki korbo bujta partasi na.

    Ailinke Dukle Apni sora sori roll no r pin cod chaibe tar por log on korlei result paben

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    This is site about how hide folder effectively
    shah ontor

  38. This post has really many effective information.Thank you so much.

  39. Vai relies slip e vortir shes date kobe

  40. vai ami 1m relise slif e canch paichi ami voti hobona ami ki 2n relise tolte parbo.plz bolben

  41. vaiya Ami relise slip AA new model aa chance peyechi borti form oo tulci but Ami borti hote chaite chi na amk ki abar 2nd realise slip AA chance deya hoby /Ami akhon Dhaka CLG AA borti hote chai but akhon ki new model borti na holy ki amr borti cancle/2nd reliase slip hobe ki na new model CLG ki vhabe change korbo plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz as soon as ans me

  42. Release slipe er ki 2nd time result dibe???? Pls ans me

  43. vai 2nd relise slip ki dibe….kew janle aktu bolben….please….please

  44. vaia 2nd realise slip ki dibe plz janan

  45. viya doya kore bolben ki 2nd relise slip from puron suru hoyace.? r hobe kina please janaben….

  46. OK boys n girls
    Question me if u have anything to know about release slip. If u fail to get ur release slip ….send me ur roll, pin n phone number.

    1. release slip kobe dibe ?

  47. 2nd Release Slip Result kobe dibe ektu bolben?

  48. How to change the subject after admission in 1st year honours 2014-15 under national university

  49. vai 2nd relise slip ar result kobe dibe….kew janle…please aktu bolben

  50. 2nd release slip reasult ki diese naki dibe?

  51. Bondhura tomader jodi karo kono help er proyojon hoy tahole amake bolte paro ….01965543545

  52. 2nd release slip reasult ki diese naki dibe?

  53. 2ned marite list ke published oise

  54. Sir,nu tea college change kora jai kina..?please answer din..

  55. vai,amar merit score 103.32.2nd release slip a o kono college ki amar moto r o oneker kotha bibechona korbe?ami ki vorti hote parbo na? Please provide me proper information.

  56. 2nd relis slip ar result ke dese

  57. good

  58. nu,2nd release resulte published 12.april

  59. Onk kosto korevir korlam realise slip

  60. Vai 2nd relese slep a vortir last date kobe?

  61. vai plz help mee….ami nu te honrs a 2nd releas clip a chance paisi…online theke vortir form puron kore print korar last date silo 16/4/2015…
    r college a form joma dia vorti howar last date silo 18/4/15…..ami online a from puron kore print kore rekhesi..16 tarike….but ami vorti hoini….akhon ki vorti hote parbp….plz tara tara kew help koro…..plz plz

  62. Ame akono degree relase slip paine

  63. sir, jara Nu Honours 2nd release silip chance peae o vorti hoy ne..tader ki vorti howar ki kono sujug ache.plz answer it..

  64. 2nd bar ki honrs admission dewa jaba plg ans me any man

  65. vai national university er 2015-2016 honours admission result kobe dibe?

  66. national university 2015-2016 honours admission result kobe dibe?

  67. mobile kivabe 2nd merit list jana jabe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  68. 2nd merit list kobe dibe

  69. Roll 736718 2nd plz …………….?

  70. 2nd and 3rd merit result kobe debe,kivabe pabo?
    r releslep er jonno kivabe,kothela theke apply korbo?plz help me anyoe

  71. 2nd and 3rd merit result kobe debe,kivabe pabo?

  72. Nu addmition 2nd merit list kobe dibe?? 2015-16

  73. how to Apply for Release Slip

  74. release slip kobe dibe ? plz help me

    1. date shes hoye gese,call korle bole dite partam

  75. bai ami 2merits a pai nai akon ki korbo

  76. vai 2nd merit list a change painai akhon ki wait korbo naki onno college a degree te admission nibo. Jodi 3rd merit er jonno wait kori tokhon jodi degree kothai full fill hoye jai ektu janabe please !!!! Admin

    1. Degree te adission hon r release slip er jonno apply korun

      1. how can i fil up release slip???
        anyone can help me brother??????????

  77. release slipe er jonno kibabe apply korbo……plz plz plz help me

  78. how to apply of admission release slip…plz help me…everyone

  79. ami releasc slip kie vabea pabo. apply kie sorue hoysea.holea kie vabea korbo. help please

  80. vai release slip kie j kono college ar joneo niea jaba

  81. Vi relise slip kobe dibe?

  82. keno tarek vai apni ki kichu jannenna.tahol apply korcillen kono

  83. kivabe resise silipe puron korbo tell me.

  84. kobe release slip dibbe???????????????????????????????????????????????

  85. vai release slip kie j kono college ar joneo niea jaba?

  86. i want nu admission release slip 15-16

  87. release slip date is over.. how can i get release slip? have any way?

  88. release slip er result kobe dide?

    1. drgree te boti hote ki point koto lage

  89. 2nd release slip er abedon koto tarikh

  90. release slip er result kobe dibe? 2nd ta? r koto point niba???

  91. ami amr relise clip je 5 ta collage choise kore form puron kor ci. sai form ta seve kori nai. akon collage admation nite o form ta lag be.akon ami ki vabe form ta pabo. please amk aktu help koren ?

  92. 2nd Marite List Result ki Dibe and kobe dibe plz. ans me

  93. ar ki kono release slip notice dise? jodi diye rhake tobe kovabe korte hobe? please ektu janaben…

  94. release slip a 2 ta miliye koto pele accounting pete pari

  95. release slip when you ll give us?

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